Sanitas Ventures has a world-class investment team and Limited Partners who can help accelerate growth.  Decision-making is strengthened by its Investment Committee, experienced eye care executives and investors who are the leading professionals in eye care. The Investment Committee is comprised of members that have completed over three-dozen eye care deals for innovative companies throughout the world.  The combination of eye care industry insight and disciplined deal evaluation translates to well-informed investments.  Our leadership team and industry experts roll up our sleeves to help reduce risk and increase your chances for success.


Bart Foster - General Partner

18 years of global eye care industry experience.  Novartis, SoloHealth (now Pursuant Health)


Matt Oerding - Venture Partner

15+ years with $2+ billion global Alcon Vision Care business. Experience in U.S., Europe and Australia


Mike Hundert - Venture Advisor

Chairman of the Vision Council.  Former CEO of REM Eyewear (now part of Derigo)


Dean Butler Venture Advisor

Founder of Lenscrafters and global entrepreneur and investor

david chao.jpg

David Chao Venture Advisor

CEO of Contour Optik, the largest manufacturer of reading glasses in the world.


Jordan Kassalow - Venture Advisor

Founder and Chairman of VisionSpring and practicing O.D.